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Technology innovation has speed up & moved us into the world of automation and helped us in information storing, making business reports, fund reports and recording different details in no time.

At Allentics IT Solution we endeavor to convey innovation to the entryways of healthcare industry through our customized arrangement of different modules of Hospital Management software that comes helpful in recording enrollment/registration of patients, their history, staff records and billing.

Innovation has moved us into the world of automation, then why we choose traditional paper-base work for record storing. We offer you to give a outstanding tool at your hands with our Outpatient Management Software (OPDMS) for Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Medical Centers.

It gives you to get a great alternative solution for OPD Management System Software. You can simply record outpatient's registration, billing process and history of patients. It empowers you to get to huge information exactly at just one click.

What is OPD Management System Software?

OPD Management Software is a little pocket to put in every one of the information and outpatient details without the confusing task of manual registration and finding it from the large number of existing documents each time the patient visits. It's a total advanced technical solution for Outpatients enlistment, treatments, billing and reporting with complete patient's data.
It reduces your paper work and save your time as everything is crushed in your system you don't need to stress over keeping up different records and reporting everything.
You should simply enter the individual details of patient, treatments and hand over a consequently created registration number to him. You can even fix appointment on the tool and see the timing schedule also. The easy & quick view lets the doctors to rapidly see the recorded solutions of every patient and provide guidance to proper direction for further treatment.

How OPD Management Software is useful for healthcare Sector?

An Out-patient is a patient who is not admitted in hospitals for long time but who visits hospital, clinics or associated facilities for diagnosis and treatment.
The OPD software module gives an electronic record keeping, information handling and reporting/billing framework inside the OPD management and process took after by the doctor's facilities amid the whole treatment and care procedure of patients. It encourages doctors to give better treatment & consultation & tack quick decision to guide further treatments. Also from these software doctors can review each treatment procedure for every patient & calculate total cost of all services provided by that patient. It is transparent & smooth billing system software.

OPD Modules

Hospital Details

All details of Hospital such as Name, Number of shifts per day for each doctor and Details for receipt (Receipt Title, Address, Phone and Email).

Patient management

You can simply find patients by name or by their contact number. You can add, edit and delete patient details.

Doctor management

You can modify doctor’s details. Doctor’s details consist of personal info, address details, contact info etc.

Doctor’s Duty Schedule

Duty schedule is normally keeping a doctors track whether he is available for particular time or any other time will scheduled.


Assign shifts to doctors.

OPD Prescription

You can add medicine to a patient by choosing the appointment. You can include prescription or treatment details if any, you can likewise give comments to each drug and treatment that is prescribed. You can find out patient name, doctors name, patient contact number or medicine date. You can likewise print a receipt of a specific remedy.

Report & Summaries

Basically 3 types of reports are there:

1. Duty: Doctor's duty schedule report.
2. Doctor-wise Appointment: Appointment Report based doctors
3. Facility-wise Report: Report based on revenue income made by the use of various facilities

You can include an appointment for the patient by choosing their name. Provide a date for appointment and doctor’s name with whom they need their appointment with.


Masters are available for every department in hospitals. You can add, update and delete masters of degree, facility, treatment (based on facility), medicine and specialization.
This Hospital Management System software is developed by Allentics IT Solutions, for multispecialty as well as small sized hospitals also, that is easy to use & reliable, which assures complete security of data. It has been designed keeping in mind today’s complex healthcare system’s requirements and the importance of time.
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